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Even with the most conscientious maintenance, over time roofs and building systems like heating, plumbing and electrical wear out. Also, improvements are made in equipment for better efficiency in operations, and, most importantly, provide better environments for children to successfully learn. This proposal for $4 million does not do everything that is needed but catches up on several of the most needed projects out of the $18 million in proposals on the district’s most recent list of small capital and major maintenance needs.

  • Chain Lake Elementary School - $725,000

New entry to parking lot; Roof replacement; Gym drainage; Sump pumps for utility vaults; Replace chalkboards with dry erase boards

  • Fryelands Elementary School  - $130,000

Noise reduction in hallways; Repair main entry window wall; Inlay gym lines saving 80 hours of custodial time per year 

  • Maltby Elementary School - $60,000

Resurface playground asphalt; Inlay game lines saving 80 hours of custodial time per year

  • Monroe High School - $395,000

Upgrade/additional lighting in Performing Arts Center; Track repairs and resurfacing; Improve access to stadium by athletes and for safety of spectators

  • Sky Valley Education Center – $1.01 million

Update electrical; Allowance for replacement of selected flooring; Access for those with disabilities to band room; Upgrade/expand fire alarm system; Upgrade plumbing; Increase off street parking; Replace heat pump compressors & refrigerant

  • Leaders in Learning in Wagner Center - $90,000

Gutters and downspouts; Replace heat pump compressors & refrigerant

  • Transportation Department - $125,000

Resurface asphalt in bus parking area

  • Maintenance Department - $50,000

Replace roofing

  • Administration Building - $345,000

Upgrade electrical; Replace flooring

  • Safety/Security - $350,000

Cameras, visitor system, keyless entry, lighting, and more

  • Additional Building Systems in a variety of locations - $375,000

Roofing, windows, sidewalks, asphalt, flooring, etc. 

  • Heating and Ventilation - $170,000

Heating, ventilation and AC systems and controls

  • Electrical - $175,000

High and low voltage systems and capacity