Vote YES on April 28th.

Quality schools serve a vital role in that successful future. Our schools are full of wonderful staff, parents and volunteers dedicated to helping children to succeed. As a result, we have high school graduates welcome at many prestigious colleges in our state and across the nation.

The learning environment plays a strong supporting role in that success. After more than a decade without a bond funding, our school buildings are in great need.

Even with meticulous care and maintenance, systems like heating and ventilation wear out after 30-40 years – the age of many of our local public schools.

When our children should be focused on math equations and spelling words, too many are just trying to keep warm while staff search for antiquated parts or employ machinists to fabricate an alternative.  Safety and security measures for our children are much different today than in the 1970s and 1980s.

With all of Monroe’s bond debt being paid off in 2016, now is the time for us to step forward to renew our commitment to upgrade our oldest facilities to ensure our children have safe, secure and up to date learning spaces to prepare them for their future with


That’s right, NO increase!

2015 bond tax rate - $1.48 = April 28th bond estimated tax rate - $1.48

Levies and bonds do not just pass.  It will take great effort from all of us to pass a bond to secure dedicated funding for much needed updating of kids’ classrooms and infrastructure. We must have your help to ensure all children receive a quality education.

Like you, we are passionate about the future of our children and their education is our local classrooms.

Please review the FAQ page on this site to find out more about the bond and what the impacts are to your family and the children of Monroe.

If you have any questions, please check out the Contact Us page where you can find out how to get a hold of us.

Thank you for visiting and supporting Monroe Public Schools!


Citizens for Monroe Public Schools